Birmingham Emmaus Community Board Members

Community Spiritual Director: Don Roser

Community Lay Director:
  Tammy Rogers

Vice Chair:
  Jeff Davis

  Rhonda Ray 

  Paula Colvin

Ingrid Adams

Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Karen Trippe Tammy Rogers Anita Helms
Will Crochen Jeff Davis  Paula Colvin
Ingrid Adams Tara Herrod  Rhonda Ray 
Rita Elston Heather Darnell Randle Cunningham
Dave Fegenbush Rickie Carter TBA


Committees & Contact Links

The following committees have been established in the Birmingham Emmaus Community. Click on the committee name below to see the responsibilities of each committee.

Housing & Registration, Facilities – Rickie Carter

Food Service & Refreshments – Randle Cunningham

Reunion Groups & Follow-Up – Dave Fegenbush

Community Training –  Board at Large

Team Selection –Karen Trippe

Music/Entertainment – Karen Trippe

Gatherings – Jeff Davis

Legal Oversight –  Tammy Rogers

Worship –  Anita Helms

Scholarships –  Heather Darnell

Supplies – Rita Elston

Website/Communications – Tammy Rogers/ Rhonda Ray 

Church Outreach – Will Crochen

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